The Avedis Audio MD7 addresses the features needed in op-amp based preamps and, more importantly, with a very musical sound without the conventional hard sounding and mid-forward units which are not suitable for today’s digital recordings.  


-Gain range from 0dB – 64dB in 4dB steps for recall-ability

-Input Trim control for fine control of gain

-TransDrive™ circuitry for slight saturation at peaks

-Utilizes the discrete 1122 op-amp known for depth and resolution

-All discrete design with Class A buffer amplifier

-Wide bandwidth, high headroom, very low noise

-NO PAD, NO IC’s, and NO Surface Mount Components

-Line Input to interface with DAW’s

-Phase reverse, and filtered 48V phantom power

-High Pass Filter using a gentle slope for natural bass roll-off (-3dB @ 80Hz)

-10 Meg-ohm high impedance DI input great for all instrument pickups

-SEND feature to run signal through stomp boxes for variety of effects

Avedis Audio MD7